It seems we are currently obsessed with choking our legs. The skinny jean has become the skin tight fit which in turn has resulted in unflattering lines due to poor quality fabrics and cuts. I love a skinny jean, in general I go for a straight skinny fit because I have quite muscly legs. But these ridiculously tight jeans which only look good on 12 year olds seem to have tricked everyone by thinking they look on trend. The true reality being far from it.

Like I’m always saying, stay original, stay stylish. Flares aren’t for everyone but the right fit combined with a tucked in tunic is perfect for work to weekend. I’m all about being able to go straight from the office to the bar without caring how I look. Because drinking is so much more important haha jk (I think).

The denim market is huge, but don’t be deceived.You can find amazing denim under $100 you just have to search and know what you are looking for when you look at the product tag. Sure I have some expensive denim, like Nobody denim when it first came out was amazing. I also have some I bought for $40 bucks and I wear on a daily basis.

I would put in some recommendations here, but I’m still working out how to do that…

What is your favourite pair of jeans and why?



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