Elegance. Its something I almost feel we have lost in this day and age. Gone are the social etiquette and table manners which were once valued so much. The silent body language and motions which reflected our social status and demographic. Now we don’t care about appearance at all or our social demeanours because people should just accept that. Its individualism. Its non conformity. Its non judging. It’s messy. Lets be honest.

As a little girl what I fell in love with was ballet. The look on the dancer’s face as she felt every movement with the music. Those moments of beauty, poise, and elegance. Its something I think we should feel. Not just on a dance floor because lets be honest I look far from elegant (more like an elephant stuck in a room full of metal objects). But in every day life.

Elegance can be effortless, undone or done up. For me that final finish is your last accessory. I don’t like to work with a lot of ‘statement’ pieces but earrings is a must. Combined with an effortless looking hair style and a simple classic outfit. It makes all the difference. Not just aesthetically but how I feel.

Its been almost a year, but back by popular demand we have launched a mini (but expanded) collection of earrings. Sticking with our gold and pearl aesthetic and named after special women in our lives, the Margo series is back. You can shop the collection here. *

I’ll be continuing to bring you content on how to find your effortless look and elevate it with our collection.

More soon.

N x

*(Sorry for the confusing domains we will be launching our new website ASAP).


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